What are the different types of shipments available with DocShipper?

With DocShipper, you compare the prices of the main express companies in the world to ship (or receive) your packages in more than 200 countries. DocShipper allows you to send different types of packages

Send an envelope or a parcel

An envelope or document shouldn't be more than 2.5 kilos.

Carton with a weight shouldn't be over 70 kilos.

The maximum length of a parcel is 270 cm and a maximum dimension of 419 cm (Length + twice the width + twice the height).

enveloppe and boxes

Send a pallet

A pallet includes a charging base, normally in wood or plastic, and articles well attached, the whole wrapped in plastic film. The total height should not surpass 200 cm and its weight under 5 tonnes.

Bulky items: the maximum dimensions for parcels: Length 302 cm, Width 203 cm, and height 178 cm.

pallet express docshipper

Send a container

DocShipper is before everything an international freight forwarder. Our express platform is just a free tool we have developed for our community as they used to need such small parcels shipments. By the way, as a cargo company, we recommend you to contact us directly if you have a shipment over 1.5 Cubic Meters and/or 200 kgs, we will simply find a competitive over through conventional air freight or sea freight.

container shipping express

Can the receiver place the order?

With DocShipper, the receiver can absolutely pass an order. The booking can be placed by the sender, the receiver, or even a third party. All that is needed is that the one booking the order knows all the details of the shipment including the exact origin/destination, type of goods, the weight and the dimensions. 

Are the delivery and pickup possible from an office?

You will be at your office during the delivery? It's not an issue!

You have the option to request a pickup or a delivery directly at your work. You will just need your employer's authorization. If you opt for this option, check the "business address" in the 1st step of the form (just below the postcode).

Don't forget:

  • To give the express company accurate information about the origin/destination (e.g. 'parcel available at 1st-floor reception' or 'letter for Mrs Martin, operation department')
  • Alert the company's receptionist or the one in charge of the collection.
  • Enter your mobile phone number
Can I ship a luggage?

Ship your luggage with DocShipper

Obviously, we are also able to provide shipping services for luggage. You travelled and you bought too much touristic souvenirs? Or you just want to travel with your guitar? Our comparator is also for you!

How to ship your luggage?

  • Provide accurate information about your luggage: weight and dimensions
  • Double-check and be sure you don't have any prohibited article such as aerosol, liquid, lithium battery, perishable goods...
  • If you book for an international shipment, make sure to stick the packing list as well as the invoice directly on your luggage.
  • Try to avoid fragile and expensive items.

Note: personal effects are excluded from our Value Insurance conditions. According to the Warsaw Convention ruling air industry, your shipments are automatically guaranteed up to 22€/kg. Also, note that UPS does not handle luggage/personal effects.

Payment on delivery?

Cash On Delivery (COD)

This is a very specific type of shipment where it is the receiver who will be in charge of paying all logistics processes. Please note that we don't provide such services.

Can the receiver pay the booking?

You are the future receiver and you want to book and pay the shipment of a parcel? It's very simple!

You will just need to coordinate with the shipper and provide accurate information regarding the pickup. Obviously, you will also need to provide proper information about the parcel such as weight and dimensions.

Collection / Return of your parcel?

Collection schedule of your package

The pickup location should be as accurate as possible. You have to provide all the required details in order to reach the place easily (door code, staircase, floor, etc.). The operator should be able to arrive without having to contact you. If you check the business address (in our form), please inform the opening hours in the comments box.

Can I be sure that the pickup will be on the same day?

It depends of several factors such as the origin and the time you indicated. If the express company is not able to pick up goods as mentioned in the booking, you will be notified and another time slot will be scheduled with the shipping company.

Is it possible to drop the package at a relay

You won't be able to be here for the delivery? No problem, you just need to opt for a solution with our relay. When you fill our form, just make sure you well checked: "I will drop my parcel/s off at the agency".

My parcel was not picked up

We provide fairly extensive time slots to the express company to secure their coordination. Still... It is possible that the company is a bit late. If the pickup time deadline has been reached, mail us stipulating the references of your booking so that we can reschedule the pickup of your package as soon as possible.

Your parcel has been returned

Various circumstances may cause the return of a parcel:

  • Rejection by the receiver
  • Failure to deliver the parcel (multiple failed delivery attempts, receiver unreachable, inaccessible or inaccurate address)
  • Customs related (misrepresentation, missing documents, prohibited or ruled product)

In case of return during an international shipment, the parcel will automatically return to tbe depot of the express company at your expense. Warehousing will be charged up to 15€ per day per parcel. You will immediately be notified by email upon receipt of a returned package.

How to insure my parcel?

1) You didn't subscribe for an insurance

Your goods are automatically insured based on the value you declared and considering that the packaging complies with international standards. Note as well that each express company has its own insurance system, you should check directly their conditions on their website.

In case of litigation, they will check several points including the nature and the age of the article, the packaging...

  • If the transporter can demonstrate that he was in no way liable for the issue, no refund will be done.
  • Here are some specific rules and international convention that regulate transporter coverage:
    • For trucking - Convention CMR: 8.33 DTS per kilo, which is around 10.46€ per kilo in June 2020
    • For airfreight - Warsaw Convention: 16.5837 DTS per kilo, which was around 20.89€ per kilo in June 2020
  • If a parcel is delivered empty or degraded, it is imperative that the receiver notifies the transporter as soon as he sees the litigation.

2) You subscribe for an insurance

If you subscribe to our insurance and you have any issue when receiving the parcel, just fill our form within 48 hours after the delivery.

The carrier's responsibility

The transporter is definitely responsible for your goods, although, this obligation is very restricted. Keep in mind that he will be responsible for your parcel according to its weight and dimensions as he is also paid based on these two factors (and not about the value of the item).

As mentioned above, each express company will have his own scale to refund any litigation but usually it will be within 12 and 22 Euros per kilogram.

Responsibility exemption

In some specific cases, the transporter won't be responsible for litigation. obviously, he will every time try to prove that he is not guilty of any issues, in this case, no refund will be made.

On the other hand, they are also protected by the Principe of "case de force majeure". This is an external event they couldn't predict and resist.

Example of "case de force majeure":

  • Earthquake
  • Tornado
  • Armed robbery
  • Piracy
  • Weather conditions